About ella


In order to find out what does the name ella represent, it is necessary to go beyond the present and focus on the future. That's what ella is – A company that turns visions into reality while remaining fully committed to professional excellence and a never-ending search for the next big thing.


ella was founded in 1991 by the renowned Israeli entrepreneur and engineer Reuven Ella. Since then, ella has been completely engaged in unique real-estate-oriented enterprise and construction projects.


Over the years, ella has constantly displayed its innovativeness and capabilities while expanding its range of activities to include maintenance of profitable assets, construction of residential quarters and management of numerous hotels and spas.


A group of talented professionals orchestrating ella's development and prosperity compose an effective mechanism leveraging the company's unmatched capabilities and strengths. This influence is achieved, among other things, via mutual cooperation between ella and other companies that complement ella's qualities.


This kind of mutual cooperation is carried out without losing sight of ella's hands-on managerial approach or downplaying ella's complete and integrative responsibility for every detail of any project.